Kinetic-ID9s Mobile Workstation in Cleanroom Grade B Lab Environment


In a Cleanroom Grade B lab environment, where strict cleanliness standards are essential, traditional workstations hinder mobility and may not meet the required hygiene levels.


Implement the Kinetic-ID9s Mobile Workstation in the Cleanroom Grade B lab setting:

  • Configure the mobile workstation to meet Cleanroom Grade B standards, ensuring materials and design comply with cleanliness requirements.
  • Equip the cart with dual screens, a barcode scanner, and label printer designed for cleanroom use.
  • Integrate with lab-specific software for data collection, analysis, and documentation.


  • Researchers and technicians can move freely within the Cleanroom Grade B lab, ensuring data collection and documentation without compromising cleanliness.
  • Real-time data entry with minimal contamination risks.
  • Increased cleanliness compliance within the Cleanroom Grade B lab.


  • Enhanced productivity and data accuracy as lab personnel can seamlessly perform experiments and record data.
  • Improved adaptability to changes in experimental workflows in a cleanroom-compliant environment.

Quantified impact

The implementation of the Kinetic-ID9s Mobile Workstation resulted in a 25% reduction in contamination risks and a corresponding 20% increase in overall labour efficiency within the Cleanroom Grade B lab.



the time spent on data entry and moving between workstations



in overall work efficiency

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