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Mobile Workstations for Warehouse Environments

The Kinetic-ID warehouse mobile workstations are designed for ergonomics and operate independently of mains power, allowing for real-time data collection through Warehouse Management Systems.  This enhances efficiency in tasks such as goods receipt, goods issue, order picking, and inventory management. The robust structure, equipped with a workbench and additional storage space, provides ample room for all essential tools and devices, including monitors, radio data terminals, and printers.  The adjustable height of storage and work surfaces allows for customisation to suit individual operators.
The maintenance-free batteries can be easily recharged using the built-in charger at any mains socket. For multi-shift operations, the optional lithium-ion battery offers fast booster charging capabilities, making it a compelling choice.

Key Benefits

  • Work can be carried out without reliance on mains power thanks to Kinetic-ID battery systems.
  • Fast charging is facilitated through the built-in charger connected to the mains socket.
  • The robust construction features an ergonomic handle for ease of use.
  • Working and storage areas can be adjusted in height to accommodate individual preferences.
  • Ample storage space is provided for all essential working equipment.
  • Increase productivity with Kinetic-ID Mobile Warehouse Carts.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

Ergonomic Excellence

Our warehouse workstations are meticulously designed with ergonomics in mind. We understand that the well-being of your workforce is paramount. Hence, our workstations are adjustable to accommodate the unique requirements of each operator. This not only enhances productivity but also reduces the risk of workplace injuries and fatigue.

Optimum Operations

The Battery Power System enables the utilisation of wireless capabilities by eliminating the need for power cords, allowing workstations to be easily relocated to required areas alongside staff.

Empowering Individuals

Operators and managers can now access data and real-time information throughout the facility by transporting their workstation to where they are needed.

Seamless Integration

The system seamlessly integrates with existing hardware and software, eliminating the need for additional purchases.

Exceptionally User-friendly

Enhanced manoeuvrability due to compact dimensions. Portable and ergonomic warehouse carts for effortless manoeuvring.


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