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Height Adjustable Wall Mounts

The management of hygienically relevant areas in medical facilities is becoming increasingly important and more complex for the clinic staff due to the increase in multi-resistant germs. For this reason, CIM med products are designed not only in terms of ease of use and outstanding functionality, but above all with a view to sustainable hygiene. Our products provide users with easily accessible surfaces that can be effectively cleaned with minimal effort and this contribute to vital infection prevention. Our experts will gladly advise you and plan with you a tailor-made mounting solution that makes everyday clinical routine easier and minimises the risk of infection.

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Pivot Arm

Fixed heigh pivot arm with monitor tilt capabilities

Extended Pivot Arm

Extended Reach, fixed height pivot arm with tilt capabilities. Can be pushed flush against the wall when not in use.

Height Adjustable Arm

Height Adjustable Arm with fully integrated cable management.

Extended Reach Height Adjustable Arm

Fully height adjustable arm, which can be pushed back flush against the wall when not in use.

Top Mounted Extended Reach Arm

For environments where the mounting position needs to be above the viewing position of the monitor.

Wall Mount with foldable Keyboard Shelf

Fully height adjustable arm with integrated fold up keyboard shelf.

IT Lift wall mount

Flush mounted height adjustable wall mounted system with foldable keyboard tray.


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