The NEW Multi-Functional Kiosk from Kinetic-ID has been designed to offer hospitals a solution to modernise and improve their visitor’s experience. Manufactured in the UK to IEC-60601 standards, this ensures complete safety and compliance for the hospital environment. The Multi-Functional Kiosk can be used in a variety of applications. All kiosks are available with in-built dimmable side lighting.

  • Curved front to assist wheelchair access
  • Print and scan options available
  • Dimmable side lighting
  • Built to house standard Micro PCs
  • Ideal for self check in
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Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Visitor Information

  • Improve visitor experience by providing an easy-to-follow guide in areas of the hospital where high footfall occurs, such as reception, outside lifts/stairs & between buildings
  • Can be updated in real time to provide key information on disruption or delays on site or areas of closure.
  • Reduces missed or late appointments, by giving visitors real time information and advice on how best to get to their appointment

Video Conferencing

  • Can be made for a fixed location or have wheels added to be used as a mobile conferencing centre. For use with patients or within Hospital Teams
  • Comes with 4k auto framing web cam for perfect video conferencing
  • Large 24-inch touch screen for clear and effective video calls. 
  • Wi-Fi enabled

Business Continuity Station

  • Runs off its own internal battery system so not affected by downtime or power cuts
  • Comes with an A4 thermal printer built in for rapid printing of required records
  • Requires minimal maintenance and is capable of performing at an optimal level, even after being idle for several months
  • Uses a large capacity paper roll feed that will not jam or break under a large workload

Gaming Kiosk

  • Can be built for a fixed location or mobile with wheels, to be transported to different areas dependent on need
  • Fits the latest games consoles and 2 controllers for multi- player use
  • Strong and hard-wearing plastic casing
  • Can be branded with trust name or sponsor for any games console
Recycled and Recyclable

All our kiosks are constructed using 80% recycled plastics and these are themselves fully recyclable. All plastic waste material from the manufacturing process is recycled and reused as standard.

iPad/Tablet kiosks are also available.


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