The Power To Make A Difference

Kinetic Power

Our revolutionary power system is now available as an independent retrofittable solution. This system can be used to replace failed or dangerous/outdated batteries and comes with the same market-leading warranty and safety assurances as with all our carts.


To any existing cart

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Long lasting batteries

Certified Medical Grade System

Can even power medical devices

Easy To Support

Swap over in 60 seconds

Double the run time

Based on like for like battery capacity

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Effectively half the amount of electricity used

5 Years Warranty

For our battery system

Green Energy Efficiency

Recycled and Recyclable

Constructed using up to 80% recycled plastics and these are themselves fully recyclable. All plastic waste material from the manufacturing process is recycled and reused as standard.

Dramatically Reduced Carbon Footprint

By doubling the performance of the battery per Wh of power, we can effectively half the amount of electricity used to provide the required level of run times. More impressively, our Eco-Charger system has a huge impact on carbon footprint, typically reducing overnight usage by 90%.

Why Choose Our Solutions?

Double the Run Times

Our ultra-efficient system typically provides twice the run times per Wh compared to traditional powered carts, based on typical use.

EN60601 Certified

Our electronics system is fully certified as Medical Grade. Any device powered directly from our system can also be classed as safe for use in a near-patient environment and will not interfere with any nearby medical equipment.

Extended Lifespan

Our technology is specifically designed to be useable over an extended period, meaning the batteries will continue to function well into year 5 and beyond.

Safest Technology on the Market

Our in-built 4-point electronics safety system ensures our Battery system is fully protected against catastrophic failures which in extreme circumstances can lead to fires.

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