Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Kinetic-ID Solution

Our new intelligent solution enables drawers to be opened directly from the PC without a physical lock, ensuring access is only provided to those who should actually have it and gives the ability to control access as needed. The software can be configured specifically for your requirements, so giving you complete freedom over access levels, alarm times, etc.

Secure Access Reliable and Manageable

Traditionally, medication has been stored in carts that are secured via either a standard lock and key, or more recently by some form of pin-code lock. Pin code locks in particular cause many issues due to their lack of suitability for this environment.

Some Of The Key Issues:

  • Not easy to tell when a door is left unlocked.
  • Pin code can become insecure, and overshared, so access is not manageable.
  • Batteries are unreliable, so locks fail regularly, and create a second administration point.
  • Failed locks can be difficult to replace.
  • Physical doors can be cumbersome and require more space to use.
  • Pin code locks in the open position are a catch hazard for clothing.
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Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Fully Configurable Secure with Pin Access

Once you are logged on to the PC, you can be prompted for a pin code or password. This access can be limited to specific carts, specific drawers, or even days of the week.

Once the application is open, only the drawers you have access to are highlighted. They will then open automatically at the press of a button.
The system can also be set to provide visible and audible alarms if a drawer is left open for a pre-determined amount of time.

One of the key benefits of our system is we can provide full ‘open source’ access to the hardware enabling the Trust to develop its own solution or even integrate it with third-party software providers in the future.

The Power To Make A Difference

Flexibility of storage is built into the DNA of our product range ensuring our customers have the widest range of choice possible

Configurable Drawers

Configurable dividers are supplied with each cart as standard to ensure the best use of all available space.

For users who require minimal storage, we have our ID-2 based storage system. This cart typically comes with one or two drawers but also has the flexibility to provide bespoke drawers if and when required.

For most environments, our 4 or 5-drawer cart provides ample storage, typically up to 100 ‘full packs’ of medication plus a 5th drawer for bottles if required, with the added benefit of being built around our flagship ID-3 model.

Our ID-7 is our larger storage solution, and comes as a fixed or variable height solution. This provides an almost endless variation of configurations that can be tailored to your exact requirements.


We offer a wide range of accessories for our carts. We offer everything from dispensers and shelves to mounts and additional automatic lighting when drawers are opened.

Clip on Keyboard Shelf

Clip on Keyboard shelf, enables the work surface to be kept clear without taking up space underneath the cart, so maximising the available space for meds storage.

Sharps Bin Mounts & Gel Dispensers

Manufacturer-specific sharps bin mounts can be provided, along with holders for gel dispensers.

Printer & Scanner Mounts

A wide range of Printer and Scanner mounts are available subject to exact requirements

Anchoring Cable

Anchoring cable is available to use with the inbuilt anchoring point on the carts.

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